All Balls Racing 1.4kw Starter Motor - Black. Fits Big Twin 1989-2006.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Clutches with 20 percent oversize rollers

* Idler gears manufactured from cold-headed steel

* Supplied with a 10/32 threaded output shaft, and a conversion bolt for the earlier 1/4-20 threaded output shafts allows fitment to cover all Big Twins from 1989 thru 2005

* Replaces OEM # 31553-90

* Replaces OEM # 31553-94

Tech Tip:-

* Does Not Fit Dyna 2006.

* Advanced timing, High Compression, & Increased cubic capacity can cause failure of Ring Gear, Pinion Gear teeth & Starter Clutch.

* S&S Easy Start Cams are the most reliable option for decreasing compression during start-up on Twin Cam Engines. Electronic or Manual compression releases are options for Evo Engines.

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