FREEDOM PERFORMANCE EXHAUST 4.5in. Two-Step Slip-On Mufflers - Chrome with Black Combat Fluted Tips. Fits BMW R-18 B & R18 Transcontinental 2022up.


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Note: You must buy # FPE-AC00368 for models with Hard Saddlebags

Features & Benefits:-

* 4.5in. Mufflers that fit stock headers

* Increased Horse Power & Torque.

* Deep Rich Tone.

* Sold as a Pair.

Tech Tips:-

* Optional Quiet Baffle is available, Part Number FPE-AC00256

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

* The Hard-bag bracket is REQUIRED for R 18 Bagger & Transcontinental Systems # FPE-AC00368. Without this bracket, bags would hang lowand touch the pipe, which may cause burning. This bracket is ONLY required for hard bags. If your bike has soft bags, then you don’t need this additional bracket.

Proudly Made in the USA by Freedom Performance !

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