COBRA EXHAUST 3in. Neighbor Hater Slip-On Mufflers - Black. Fits Sportster 2014-2021


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Features & Benefits:-

* These 3in. slip-on mufflers offer a way for riders to customize their bikes without breaking the bank.

* The Neighbor Haters have a simple belled rolled & with an inner steel tip.

* The tips can be mounted in one of three positions so the rider can choose either a slash-down look, a slash-cut look, or one in between.

* Though the baffles work to reduce the tone & volume, they also contribute to the power gains from the mufflers, which are among the highest in the industry.

* On models that use a cross-over on the stock system, the Cobra Slip-ons include a similar OEM-style balance tube to increase overall performance.

* They fit the stock head pipes on all models.

Tech Tips:-

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !

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