SUPERTRAPP EXHAUST BootLegger 2-into-1 Exhaust - Stainless Steel. Fits Dyna 2006-2017.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Brush Finish TIG Welded Stainless Steel.

* High Flow 1.75in. to 1.875in. to 2in. Stepped Header Pipe.

* Adjustable Turnout End Cap comes Standard.

* Makes Great Power with Tons of Low End Grunt and Wheelie Pulling Power.

* Big Bark when on the Throttle & a Mellow Rumble at Low RPM.

Tech Tips:-

* 2012up models running stock Narrow Band 12mm O2 Sensors require 18mm>12mm reducer Part Number FPE-AC00153.

* Heatshields are not available.

* Works with both Mid and Forward Controls.

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

Proudly Made in the USA by SuperTrapp !

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