COBRA EXHAUST Speedster Swept Exhaust - Black. Fits Honda Fury, State-Line & Sabre 2010up.


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Fitment Details:-

* Fits VT1300CX

Features & Benefits:-

* The graceful arcing lines of the Speedster Swept exhaust system follow the curved shapes of the new Fury to create a great look.

* They have a deep rumble that improves the sound but keeps the noise down.

* In fact they may have the best balance of sound & volume of any pipe we’ve ever made.

* Rich and throaty but not window rattling either.

* Like all Cobra’s Speedsters, the Swepts include theCobra PowerPort for increased low and mid-range power.

* They are equipped with full length 2-1/2in. heat shields which wrap around 222 degrees and cover the 1-3/4in. headpipes.

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !

Tech Tips:-

Exhaust system does not re-use OEM O2 Sensors.

Purchase of O2 Eliminator kit (sold each) part number 76423015 is required.

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