Rollies Speed Shop Front Wheel Speedometer Drive. Fits Sportster & FX 1973-83 with 19in. Wheel, 35mm Narrow-Glide Front End & Twin Disc Calipers.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Replaces OEM # 67127-73

Tech Tips:-

* Total width of Drive Unit = 0.840in.

* Seal Spacer Protrusion = 0.275in. or 7mm

* Right hand Side.

* OEM Wheel Size = 19in.

* Works with Speedo Ratio of 2:1

* Due to low demand, Cable driven speedo drives are now only available as a low cost , low budget Item.

* For a quality product choose an American made electronic pickup ie # DAK-SEN-6018 and upgrade to American made digital speedo such as Dakota.

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