New Rage Cycles Fender Eliminator Kit. Fits Street 500 2015-2020.


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Features & Benefits:-

Harley Davidson Street 500’s first fender eliminator to hit the market! Don’t miss out on an incredible ‘stealth’ wrap around tail light with the brightest LEDs in the market today. Our fender eliminator provides you with extremely bright LED turn signals, an LED brake light, and LED license plate light for a complete fender eliminator solution.

Our fender eliminator kits are all constructed from billet aluminum and black powder coated for a very clean finish, as well as CNC machined polycarbonate to mask our LEDs, avoiding the usual ‘hot spot’ as in most other kits.

* Suggested Additional Purchase: Front Wrap Arount Turn Signals # NRC-RAGE-360-37

Tech Tips:-

Shimming components so they are not bolted down under tension helps to eliminate stress fractures.

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