Avon Tyres Avon Cobra Chrome 17in. Rear Tyre. 160/70-B17 AV92.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Unique tyre design with detailed aesthetic features bespoke snakeskin appearance and embossed Cobra head logo.

* Excellent wet braking and stability. Enhanced compounds and new construction deliver improved stopping distances in wet braking tests.

* High stability in all conditions delivering precise feel and tyre feedback. Avon’s latest tech pattern and advanced construction produces over a 5% larger tyre footprint compare to Avon Cobra.

Tech Tips:-

Tyre Size: 160/70 B 17 RF

Load/Speed: 79V

Rim Width: 3.75-5.00

Width mm: 156

Diameter mm: 662

Tread depth mm: 8.7

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