Techno Research o2 Installation Rivet Kit, with hydraulic gun


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If the dealer/customer already has the HD Tool # 14900008, they do not require the TR200044 kit. Instead, they require 2x TR200047, 1x TR200049 and 1x TR-F380.


* Dump the Pump – No Pump or Sampling Tube Required

* Monitor Both Cylinders Simultaneously

* Measure Exhaust Gas Correctly

* No Reversion Air giving false lean readings

* Fast, Accurate Reading with almost no delay

* Easy Installation – No Welding Required

* Canbe used with Dynamometer or Portable Data Logger

* When Done, Heat Shield covers seal screws maintains original look.


* 2 – O2 Sampler Blocks

* Special Attachment Bolts

* Exhaust Port Jet

* 1- Hydraulic Insertion Tool (with case)

* 2 – 5-foot exhaust hoses

* 1 – Drill Bit

* 25 – Rivnuts

* 25 – Seal Screws

* 25 – Seal Washers

When combined with a set of wideband O2 sensors (such as our TRO2), the O2 installation kit allows you to get the most accurate readings so you can get the best possible results out of your tune. After the easy installation (no welding required), you can monitor both cylinders simultaneously and measure exhaust correctly with no false readings.

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