Jims Trapdoor with Wide Bearing Upgrade - Black. Fits Big Twin 2007up with OEM 6 Speed Transmission.


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Features & Benefits:-

* JIMS® Cruise Drive Wide Bearing Trap Door & Shift Fork Shafts Upgrade Kit

* Designed to give transmission positive shifting and shaft center line integrity

* Made to handle today’s performance powertrains

* Made from 6061 precision machined aluminum

* Holds centerlines within .0005in.

* Incorporates wider, heavy duty bearings that are retrained with beveled retaining rings to eliminate bearding end play

* Shifter shafts are solid,true center line and have rigid strength that replaces the OEM hollow shafts

* Includes trap door with bearings and shifter shafts

* Available in wrinke black

* Upgrade on OEM # 35260-06

* Made in the U.S.A.

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