KEITH BLACK PISTONS Std Flat Top Pistons with 11:1 Compression Ratio. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with Big Bore 114ci & 117ci to 120ci Conversion.


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Features & Benefits:-

* Super Duty KB Forged Coated Anodized Piston Kit.

* Big bore 120in. piston kit for Milwaukee 8.

* Factory 114in. and 117in. cylinders are used to bore to 4.125in..

* No head modification required.

* Anodized top ring groove and crown.

* Line2Line abradable skirt coating applied to .003in. total thickness for a Zero initial fit to allow coating to hone in for a tight quiet running clearance.

* Round Wire Locks.

* Premium Hastings 1.2mm 1.2mm 3.0mm Steel Nitride top ring with a Ductile Napier second.

* Forced wrist pin oiling

* Complete kit includes: two pistons, rings, wrist pins and clips.

Tech Tips:-

* Follow Ring Eng Gap & Piston to Cylinder Clearances as per the supplied Manufacturers Instructions.

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